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Don’t Let My Baby Do Rodeo

United Kingdom

  • “Begins with the unexpected and ends with the enigmatic.” A wonderfully astute review from the Telegraph.
  • A profile in another kind of Telegraph.
  • Now if reviews like this could just come around more often! “Blessed with one of the most intriguing, eye-catching, purchase-inviting titles conceivable, this is an extraordinary book, worthy of joining the pantheon of American literature, examining what it is to have be uprooted from another culture to become American. As with the best, richest works of fiction, this novel speaks to the reader of what they themselves see in the book; there are many themes – but for me the one that is explored here in the most piercing, agonizing way is that of belonging, understanding who you are quite separately, and together with, your inheritance of birth, of physicality, of nationality, of landscape.”
  • Lovely words from Elle Thinks: “Fishman’s writing is impossible to fault, especially in its descriptive sections. He writes with precision about the emotional currents between fighting people; he writes sex well; he writes perfectly about the landscape of the American West”.
  • Rodeo is paperback of the week at the Scotland Herald: “The immigrant experience has been one of the core themes of American fiction, although it’s probably never been handled quite like this before… Fishman is in cool and nuanced control of his material… By sticking closely to Maya, and probing her deepest fears and fantasies, he pushes us insistently towards an understanding of these misguided but determined parents, and how the couple’s fears for Max spring from their anxieties about living in an adopted country, their resigned acceptance that they will never see the land of their birth again and their struggle to assimilate while remaining true to their traditions.”
  • An interview with Ireland’s RTE1 Arena.
  • The Big Issue with very flattering words for Rodeo: “A sensitive, wise and truthful coming-of-age tale about a lost middle-aged woman… Fishman’s debut, A Replacement Life, confirmed him as a soulful writer with insight and chutzpah. His follow-up should secure his status as a significant writer with something to say.”
  • The Lady says: “This engaging, tender novel explores universal questions of relationships, belonging, inheritance and the mystery of just who we are. Highly recommended.”

A Replacement Life

United Kingdom



  • A warm review from Ma’ariv: “This is a free autobiography, its facts soaring to the realm of fiction, with satirical touches. The sympathetic mixture creates an amusing story, touching, sad and happy, kind of Like a klezmer band”.
  • A lovely in-depth profile by Ha’aretz. Continues here and here.


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